secure Shredding

Don’t take your chances with throwing out vital documents on your property.

Our Document Shredding feature allows clients to safely destroy any document in order to save valuable time with redundant documents. From completed scans to shredding drop-off documents, there is no document volume that we cannot accept for paper shredding. A certificate of destruction will be presented to every client once disposal is complete.
secure Shredding

Help organize

Your company’s data with Secure Document Destruction.

secure Shredding

Safeguard your reputation

By protecting sensitive and confidential information.

secure Shredding

Reduce costs

Of managing information assets that are no longer useful or necessary to your organization.

secure Shredding

Ensure compliance

With federal, provincial and industry regulations and avoid penalties, fines or legal action.


secure Shredding

Fast Turnaround

Flexible and scalable infrastructure enables us to fulfil the most demanding documents scanning requirements.

secure Shredding

Data Protection

All our staff members fully vetted to RCMP, have signed a NDA and adhere to GDPR standards.

secure Shredding


All paper and plastic based material is shredded and recycled according to ISO 14001.

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