1. Collection

Province-wide collection: With our speedy, secure and province-wide coverage, our logisitics team will organise and collect your hundreds of boxes and will arrange your documents at the most cost-effective and timely way.

On-The-Ground packaging: Any additional assistance that you may required will be handled by our team such as removing documents from your storage and filing cabinets, placing them in moving boxes, and cataloguing them for collection for the Scanlytix team. Our experience and well-trained staff will lead the way step-by-step by ensuring a smooth collection process.

Packaging supplies: Scanlytix will supply all storage boxes and recyclable containers that will be used to transport any potential sensitive, fragile and old items.

2. Preparation

All documents will be properly organized and prepared by our Scanlytix staff by going through the files and removing any document fasteners such as staples, paper clips, treasury tags and post-it notes, etc. With all files in their original order and orientation, our staff will ensure a smooth and accurate scanning process that will guarantee the quality of all documents scanned.

3. Scanning

Scanlytix uses ultra-sonic double page-feed sensors, automated colour detection and image optimisation technology to ensure quality grade scans of any size every time.
Large documents such as full scale maps, technical drawings and plans up to A0 will be scanned using our wide-format scanners.

Bounded documents such as journals and books will be scanned using Scanlytix’s overhead linear scanners that produce high image quality that mitigates risk of books being damaged.

4. Image Cleanup

Once scanned, further enhancement of image quality will be done by removing any unwanted scanned areas, de-skewing of images, eliminating black borders, adjusting image background/foreground, optimising sharpness and image contrast.

5. Indexing

Indexing is applied to enable structured filing, identification and retrieval of documents. Depending on how the original files & documents are stored & retrieved, Scanlytix uses standardized criteria to index documents into the required filing structure. Following is a typical index criteria that is used for general indexing of documents;

● Title
● Reference number
● Date

OCR – can be applied to enable content search and to convert scanned images to text searchable PDF format.

6. Quality Control

Rigorous quality control checks are applied throughout the document scanning and capture processes, as well as a separate dedicated team to perform quality checks in accordance with our in-house manual, and third-party audited EN BS ISO 9001 and EN BS ISO 27001 standards.

7. Finalisation

Final checks will be performed to ensure client’s data is in the correct format, storage medium, database structure, and cloud system to fit the their company’s needs.

8. Delivery

The final scanned data can be supplied either on a CD, USB stick/drive or downloadable from our Scanlytix network;

The originals can be;

● Returned
● Stored
● Shredded

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