Streamline your medical practice!

As a medical professional who deals with patients day in and day out, you know firsthand how difficult it can be to store, track and organize hundreds or thousands of medical files when you’re stuck with paper-based charts. Take advantage of this opportunity to revamp your practice, streamline your services, and save time and effort. Retiring soon? End your practice with piece of mind that medical records you are required to keep are safe and secure behind state of the art digital technology.
Medical practice
Medical practice


  • Room reclaimed from space otherwise occupied by shelves with medical charts.
  • Fast retrieval of medical records of your current and inactive patients.
  • Privacy and confidentiality of medical files, compliant with Federal, Provincial laws, and meet College’s requirements. Peace of mind that your patients’ medical data is secure from fire, flood or from other disaster or pests that may destroy the physical charts.
  • Ongoing compliance with the requirement to keep medical files of your patients for 16+ years since their last visit.
Medical practice


We are accredited to ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 14001 standards and comply to GDPR. For admissibility and best practises, we also follow BSI DISC PD0008 and 0010.

Medical practice

Fast Turnaround

With the capacity to scan over 1 million images a month, our workshop can handle urgent projects and meet demanding requirements.

Medical practice


Thanks to our well-developed infrastructure, we have the tools to satisfy any x-ray scanning project. This is independent of volume, location and complexity, and we’ll always work hard to meet the needs of individuals as well as businesses.

Need us to come to you

We can perform scanning at our secure production facility, or bring our equipment and staff to your location to perform the job on-site.

If you’re interested in learning how we can help your practice, contact us today.

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Scanlytix offers a dedicated and friendly staff to assist you with any questions or concerns through all your scanning needs. We ensure tailored and confidential advice to best suit your needs and any quotes provided to you are with no obligations.


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