Document Scanning for Lawyers & Paralegals

From disclosure documents, client files to court statements, Scanlytix offers absolute confidential and professional legal document scanning services that will have your company covered in any type of project.
Legal scanning
Legal scanning

Legal Document OCR

Put an end to wasting valuable time and resources from your lawyers with manually inputting court paperworks. Scanlytixs offers Optical Character Recognition technology that is accurate and passes rigorous quality control.
Legal scanning


With digitizing legal files, you can kiss goodbye to any physical documents being lost, stolen or damaged that carry sensitive and confidential Information

Legal scanning

Saving Space

Storage can be a headache when offices need to carry huge amounts of files for their daily needs. Scanlytix will establish OCR on all legal documents to ensure it is reclaimed with speed and accuracy.

Legal scanning

Easy Access

All legal documents will be indexed and stored with an easy to access filing system to promptly retrieve, access and share required files at any given time.

Legal scanning

Saving Costs

There are many costs that come with maintaining paper documents. These include printing, photocopying and postage, all of which can be negated using OCR.

Legal scanning


We cater for legal admissibility and GDPR requirements and are certified to ISO 9001, ISo 27001, ISO 14001, PCI, ICO and Cyber Essentials standards.

Legal scanning


Scanlytix will easily scale up to accommodate unplanned changes and requirements to meet any projects scope.

Legal scanning

Quick Turnaround

Understanding how valuable time is in a fast-paced legal environment, our team will quickly scan and digitize the most complicated and demanding tasks.

Legal scanning


All documents will be archived that may be prone to being lost, stolen or damaged, making legal data more safer than ever.

Bespoke Scanning Solutions

Consultation – We know that every lawyer and law firm has document scanning requirements. These vary for everyone, so we always consider your unique budgetary and time limitations before we start.

Packing Assistance – If you need any help in packing and safely removing the documents from the cabinets, drawers, etc. we can help. We can also provide boxes, lockable containers and security tags to securely prepare the legal files for transportation.

Quality Checks – once we complete document scanning, every files passes through rigorous quality checks to ensure the highest possible image quality and data accuracy.

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